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Pan Telecom Limited is a registered Hong Kong Company and also an External Telecommunications Services (ETS) license holder to provide origination IDD service from Hong Kong.

Benefits of the IDD 1592 users & Description of the IDD 1592 service

    • Pan Telecom is pleased to bring you IDD 1592 service, this quality international call/fax service was specifically created to save you more money when you make IDD 1592 international calls and send faxes.
    • No switching of your current local or long distance phone companies.
    • Enjoy flat International IDD rate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with no restriction on time.
    • No connection fee no surcharge and other hidden charges.
    • IDD 1592 Charge is based on 6-second increment.
    • Using your Account number + PIN from any touch tone phone in Hong Kong. Pinless service is available from your residential, office and mobile phone sets. You still can use your Account + PINS from any other phones.
    • No monthly fee or membership fee.
    • Receiving monthly bill with detailed call records.

How to use the IDD 1592 service without Account + PIN

    1. Dial 1592, then
    2. Enter Country Code,
    3. Enter Area Code,
    4. Enter local telephone or fax member
    5. Enter # ( for faster connection)

How to use the IDD 1592 service with Account + PIN

    1. Dial 1592 XXXX (XXXX to be specified by your account manager)
    2. Listen to the prompt and enter your Account + PIN
    3. Enter Country Code,
    4. Enter Area Code,
    5. Enter local telephone or fax member
    6. Enter # ( for faster connection)

Service Hot Line

For registration and further enquiries, please call our Hot Line 2620-0222.


The billing cycle is on monthly bases. Payment must be received by the due date to avoid service suspension. A 2% per month interest rate will apply if the payment is over due.

Enquiries/Order Info

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