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Affordable high performance group video conferencing systems for various applications.

  • Compact and economical solution for small to medium-sized conference rooms
  • IP up to 768kbps
  • ISDN up to 512kbps, optional
  • Collaboration solution, Optional

  • Compact, entry-level set-top system, IP only
  • ITU H.323 compliant
  • Maximum data rate IP up to 768kbps
  • Optional collaboration solution

  • Powerful set-top system for small to medium groups and special applications
  • ITU H.323 and H.320 compliant
  • Maximum data rate IP up to 2Mbps, ISDN up to 2Mbps
  • Optional multipoint feature supporting a total of four end-points (IP/ISDN)
  • Embedded AES encryption
  • Optional collaboration solution
  • Dual monitor emulation function
  • User-friendly graphical interface


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