Avaya 6408D+ Digital Phone

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The Avaya 6408D+ is a Multi-Appearance Digital Telephone. The Avaya 6408D+ comes with 8 call appearances/feature buttons. The telephone also has six standard fixed feature buttons: a SPEAKER button which accesses a 2-way speakerphone, a MUTE button to mute the handset or speakerphone, a red HOLD button, REDIAL button, TRANSFER/TEST button, a CONF/RING button for setting up a conference call and for selecting a personalized ringing pattern. The Avaya 6408D+ also has a red message light and a volume control button. The 12 softkeys control access to features that are in addition to the 8 buttons that appear on the set.


• Desk or wall mountable
• Message Waiting Light (LED)
• Choice of 8 ringing patterns
• The display is tiltable with 3 viewing angles
• 8 Call Appearance/Feature buttons with dual LEDs
• Adjustable volume control (Handset, Speaker/Speakerphone, & Ringer)
• 6 Fixed buttons - Speaker, Mute, Hold, Redial, Transfer, Conference
• 2 line LCD display showing time and date when terminal in idle status
• Built-in 2-way speakerphone which can also be optioned as 1-way Group Listening speaker
• 2-wire connectivity through 2-wire Digital line circuit packs only, Digital voice technology




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